Fixed All Designs of qNinjaLite

We finally fixed CAD and PCB of qNinjaLite series for qLAMP. You can choose number of tubes (1×8 or 2×8) and material of enclosure (3dprint or wood). Parts price of 2×8 is $30 higher than 1×8. If you can use laser cutter and prepare wood board with 2.5mm thickness, cutting wood would be faster than … Read more

Cloud Ready

Serverless backend is ready for all users to monitor and download complete data remotely in real time. Online settings allows you to get notified important events by Slack or API.

How to login qNinjaLite

Initial Setup Install WebREPL (browser console for MicroPython). Press the green Code button and click Download ZIP at the bottom of the dropdown. Then unarchive the zip file. Move directory to safe place and open webrepl.html in browser. Recommend to add bookmark. Connect to qNinjaLite Launch qNinjaLite in AP Mode (button1) or Software Update Mode … Read more

Mode in Detail : Software Update Mode (Button 2)

After booting qNinjaLite in “Software Update Mode”, you can upload program files to the device. Batch update The qNinjaLite repository contains a script that batch installs all programs into the device. Running this script is the simplest way to update the set of program files. Open a terminal app and execute the following command in … Read more

Mode in Detail : AP Mode (Button 1)

To update WiFi settings of qNinjaLite, create a file named and upload it to the root directory of the device with WebREPL interface. Prepare Launch any editor app you like. Copy and paste below example and change preferred_aps array to all of the WiFi networks you want to use your qNinjaLite in. The … Read more

Mode in Detail : Normal Mode

If you have not yet set your WiFi network SSID/PASS to qNinjaLite. Go to AP Mode first. Just turn on the device without pressing any button. It will take about 15 seconds to launch in Normal Mode. Device will show QR and well temperature when it is ready. If it cannot connect to WiFi, it … Read more