Simplified qNinja

All improvements of qNinja Lite are applied to qNinja. Removed demodulator ADA2200 Removed -1V regulator TPS63710 Changed ADC from ADS1219 to NAU7802 (DIP or SMD) Changed LED driver from PCA9955+MCP4551 to TLC5929 Changed switching regulator from BD9329AEFJ-E2 to AOZ6605/6606 Changed extra power source from ATX24 to ESP12V Changed design rule (minimum clearance 6 to 8mil, … Read more

Simplified qNinjaLite

We have spent these months to make circuits simpler. Here is the successful result. These changes not only reduce manufacturing price but also increase a robustness to survive chip crisis. Removed demodulator ADA2200 Removed -1V regulator TPS63710 Changed ADC from ADS1219 to NAU7802 (DIP or SMD) Changed LED driver from PCA9955+MCP4551 to TLC5929 We will assemble latest board and pick up best photodiodes. That … Read more