DIY08 Order PCB

Upload Gerber Zip file Download gerber zip ( qNinja / qNinjaLite ) and proceed to PCB service you want to use. Currently gerber zip is not fixed yet. Do not order before I embed links above. (2022 Jun 24. Shingo) PCBWay Seeed Studio PCBWay Open PCB Instant Quote > Quick-order PCB Upload gerber zip. Choose … Read more

DIY03&04 Order Filament and 3D Printing

Order black PLA If you already have resin printer, black resin is best. But luckily, we don’t need such precision for all 3d printing parts of qNinja. Just choose normal black PLA filament with proper diameter for your 3d printer. FDM 3d printer is reasonable so you can buy it too. STL data to print … Read more

DIY01&02 Order MDF and Lasercut

Prepare Woods and Laser Cutter It’s possible to use plywood but MDF is better in smooth surface and durability. qNinja is designed to use 5.5mm thickness and qNinjaLite uses 2.5mm. Contact me if you need 1/4″(6.35mm), 1/8″(3.18mm) and other models but think about using planer at fab spaces or somewhere around you first as it’s … Read more

Ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main

Just ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main with updates to reduce parts price. BOM will be updated later. Removed pricy and discontinued demodulator ADA2200 Adhoc FFC connector to choose best photodiodes. We already picked PDB-C152SM but other ones made by a company named OSRAM looks better and cheaper. All of their candidates are already soldered onto optical unit of … Read more