Cloud Ready

Serverless backend is ready for all users to monitor and download complete data remotely in real time. Online settings allows you to get notified important events by Slack or API.

qNinja SBS

Last month, I was invited to talk at an event of laboratory automation driven by academics and big pharma in Japan. So many positive feedbacks motivated me to make qNinja for liquid handlers like Opentrons and Hamilton. It was first time for me to know that they mainly use specific size of trays in 127.76×85.48mm, …

Simplified Lid

We have been using Ultimaker2+ for 7 years. No major problem and our kids also love its outputs. Recently I noticed that its way of leveing build plate can be used for leveling lid heater of qNinja. Here is the result. You can adjust lid heater by screwing 2 Double Step Thumb Nuts. They are …

Ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main

Just ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main with updates to reduce parts price. BOM will be updated later. Removed pricy and discontinued demodulator ADA2200 Adhoc FFC connector to choose best photodiodes. We already picked PDB-C152SM but other ones made by a company named OSRAM looks better and cheaper. All of their candidates are already soldered onto optical unit of …

Draft in 2016

DNA chromatography chip for PCR was what I want to make in 2016 before pandemic. Now I need lyophilized chip of reagents for qPCR/qLAMP. Contact me if you can join.