qNinja SBS

Last month, I was invited to talk at an event of laboratory automation driven by academics and big pharma in Japan. So many positive feedbacks motivated me to make qNinja for liquid handlers like Opentrons and Hamilton. It was first time for me to know that they mainly use specific size of trays in 127.76×85.48mm, … Read more

Fixed All Circuits

We already had a good result in Feburary but throughout 2022, we have been refining circuits of qNinja and qNinja Lite to make them simpler, easier to be built and more sensitive. Now it’s done! We will push latest designs to GitHub soon and calculate final parts price later. We convince that qNinja Lite 1×8 … Read more

Simplified qNinja

All improvements of qNinja Lite are applied to qNinja. Removed demodulator ADA2200 Removed -1V regulator TPS63710 Changed ADC from ADS1219 to NAU7802 (DIP or SMD) Changed LED driver from PCA9955+MCP4551 to TLC5929 Changed switching regulator from BD9329AEFJ-E2 to AOZ6605/6606 Changed extra power source from ATX24 to ESP12V Changed design rule (minimum clearance 6 to 8mil, … Read more

Simplified qNinjaLite

We have spent these months to make circuits simpler. Here is the successful result. These changes not only reduce manufacturing price but also increase a robustness to survive chip crisis. Removed demodulator ADA2200 Removed -1V regulator TPS63710 Changed ADC from ADS1219 to NAU7802 (DIP or SMD) Changed LED driver from PCA9955+MCP4551 to TLC5929 We will assemble latest board and pick up best photodiodes. That … Read more

Maker Faire Tokyo 2022

We will exhibit qNinja and qNinja Lite at Maker Faire Tokyo 2022 held on Sep3-4 at Tokyo Big Sight. Our stall is G-01-02 “久川真吾・まり子” next to the exit gate.