Great wet result

Here’s the wet result of qNinja optical sensors using fluorescein sodium solution that simulates COVID-19 sample. Shortly speaking, we can expect that even a single copy of target DNA per tube can be detected well enough. Actual amplification with DNA will be held by ourselves and 3rd-party soon. 1. In some papers, COVID-19 swab sample … Read more

Spent $26,000 so far

Almost getting PoC, proof of concept of Ninja LAMP and qPCR. Total cost is roughly $26,000(JPY3,000,000) and 1.5 year of 2 engineers, I and my wife. ・$1621.37 for PCB (Seeed+PCBWay) ・$5020.83 for PCB parts (Digikey+Mouser+Verical) ・$7692.67 for other parts (Aliexpress and Thorlabs) ・$6248.26 for tools (laser cutter and others) ・$2424.83 for first evaluation by third … Read more