DIY03&04 Order Filament and 3D Printing

Order black PLA

If you already have resin printer, black resin is best. But luckily, we don’t need such precision for all 3d printing parts of qNinja. Just choose normal black PLA filament with proper diameter for your 3d printer. FDM 3d printer is reasonable so you can buy it too.

STL data to print

All STL data is in qNinja:cad/3d/3dprint. I’ve been using 0.4mm nozzle only but you can try others. Smaller is better for smooth surface but takes time more.

qNinja and qNinja Lite 2×8

led_coverA_x2.stl2 pieces
led_coverB_x2.stl2 pieces
pd_cover_without_walls_x2.stl2 pieces

3d printing

Just read the instruction of your 3d printer. Test its settings first. Then print them all. Conglaturations, you get all 3d printing parts for your own qNinja by yourself.