DIY08 Order PCB

Upload Gerber Zip file

Download gerber zip ( qNinja / qNinjaLite ) and proceed to PCB service you want to use.

Currently gerber zip is not fixed yet. Do not order before I embed links above. (2022 Jun 24. Shingo)

  • PCBWay
  • Seeed Studio


Open PCB Instant Quote > Quick-order PCB

Upload gerber zip.

Choose how many pieces you want. Fewer is cheaper but you should order extra boards for backup.

qNinja is designed not to use less than 8/8mil. So change min track/spacing from 6/6mil to 8/8mil. This is necessary to choose 2 oz Cu at next step.

Do Not Forget to Change Finished Copper from 1 oz Cu to 2 oz Cu to support large current for heaters and peltier without burning.

Check “SMD-Stencil” and choose Non-framework, lasered through stencil. Default size is 190x290mm so you should add request to cut it into smaller to handle easily. For example, if size of PCB is 142x58mm as shown above of the page as “Size (single)” when you upload gerber zip, request as “Please cut it into approx 200x100mm”.

Now you can get latest price on the right including shipping fee. Change “Solder Mask” from Green to another if you like. Do not change other settings unless you are not sure.

Place the order. Congulaturations! Your PCB will be delivered in a week mostly.

Seeed Studio

Open Fusion PCB and do the similar things as PCBWay.