Ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main

Just ordered qNinjaLite:batch2/main with updates to reduce parts price. BOM will be updated later.

  1. Removed pricy and discontinued demodulator ADA2200
  2. Adhoc FFC connector to choose best photodiodes. We already picked PDB-C152SM but other ones made by a company named OSRAM looks better and cheaper. All of their candidates are already soldered onto optical unit of qNinja to be tested through this connector.
  3. Replace negative voltage chip from TPS63710DRRR to cheaper one by tricky way.
  4. Replace ADC from pricy 24bit ADS1219IPWR to NAU7802

We evaluated thermal characteristics of 3d printed tube holder and confirmed that 3d printed one can be a substitute to the CNC milled one.