Simplified qNinja

All improvements of qNinja Lite are applied to qNinja.

  • Removed demodulator ADA2200
  • Removed -1V regulator TPS63710
  • Changed ADC from ADS1219 to NAU7802 (DIP or SMD)
  • Changed LED driver from PCA9955+MCP4551 to TLC5929
  • Changed switching regulator from BD9329AEFJ-E2 to AOZ6605/6606
  • Changed extra power source from ATX24 to ESP12V
  • Changed design rule (minimum clearance 6 to 8mil, minium track width 6 to 8.3mil) for 2oz copper
  • Added 4pin DIN power source
  • Add 10pin connector for qNinjaLite LCD pcb to make cheapest model without touchscreen